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Dental Care for a Spectacular Smile

         Constantine Christie, DDS

Gentile Dental Care in Norwich, New York

Chenango Dental Care PLLC provides dental services services to keep you healthy. We care about your well-being, offering quality services at fair prices for your comfort and satisfaction. Visit us today to discuss what's best for your teeth.

Basic & Advanced Care

Most cleanings, including dental prophylaxes, are performed by an experienced hygienist, who also provides oral hygiene instruction and fluoride treatments. More advanced procedures, such as periodontal scaling and root cleaning, are performed by the hygienist and your dentist.

Tooth Fillings

Amalgam, composite, and other tooth-colored materials are used for fillings to prevent decay. These are necessary in the event of a cavity.

Crowns & Bridges

When your tooth is beyond a filling, we fabricate a crown or bridge. Impressions are taken in-house, while materials are made by a dental lab. Crowns are cemented over the tooth like a cap or onlay. A bridge is a fixed partial denture consisting of a crown suspended between abutment crowns.

Root Canals

Root canal treatment disinfects the internal anatomy of the tooth.


Removing teeth that cannot be restored prevents often painful infections from abscessing or spreading.

Denture Options

Chenango Dental Care, PLLC offers partial or complete removable dentures to improve your smile and replace missing teeth.  Removable dentures are not cemented.

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